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What is life coaching?

I have friends who see a life coach rather than a therapist. So, of course, when a fabulous woman I know earned her certification and started her own life coaching practice, I was eager to learn more about what it is and how it works… WHAT IS LIFE COACHING? “Accountability: A life coach will keep you on track, focused and motivated. It’s easier to give up when no one’s looking. I make it really hard to give up, you know, with all the encouragment and enthusiasm and all. Confidence: A life coach can help you realize your strengths and talents and teach you to use them to your advantage so you can tackle your dreams with all the ferocity and certainty of a superhero! Clarity: What do I want to do with my life? Whatʼs my purpose? Who am I? Why am I so unhappy? A life coach will guide you as you discover the answers that are unique to you. Insight: Two minds are always better than one. Especially when one is the mind of a life coach trained to help you identify personalized solutions and unique ways of achieving your goals. Structure: So youʼve got an idea or a goal or something youʼd like to improve or change but have no idea where to start: donʼt get overwhelmed, get a life coach! We can help you break your goals down into clear achievable steps. Bit by bit, baby! Positive Feedback: Youʼre amazing! A rock star! A super-fox! An unstoppable force for good! This alone is worth it, am I right??” What I love about Tiffany is her energy and commitment to being authentic. She is hilarious, easy to talk to, and wise beyond years. What you would love about her is her Oprah-esque style that draws you in to a deeper understanding of yourself.